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Have you ever met someone that can’t keep their mouth shut? Some people love to talk, chat, discuss, argue, banter, all the time. I happen to be one of those people. But only sometimes. The difference between me and the perpetual talker, the person that never stops, is that I have to be in the right mood.


I can go to both extremes. I can be the one talking fast and non-stop or the one that says nothing the entire night. It’s a gift that I have. It saves me from being “that guy” who never shuts up.


The times when I am in the mood to engage and talk your ear off is usually a sign that things are going pretty well for me. Have you ever had incredible news and you wanted to share it with everyone? 


Ten months ago Kara and I got married and there was a 24 hour period where that’s all we could say and talk about. “Dude, we got married yesterday” must have been said between us more times than I can count. 


We had to tell everyone, everywhere. When we checked in at the airport, when we got coffee, when we got breakfast, when we checked into the hotel. Everyone, everywhere. We had to share this amazing news!


“Sir how many bags will you be checking today?” I’d reply, “Just one… hey we got married yesterday.” I’d say with a goofy smile on my face.


“I’ll take a triple iced white mocha… we got married yesterday” I’d awkwardly blurt out.


“I’ll do the pancakes with bacon breakfast. Hey guess what? We got married yesterday” my wife would proudly say.


“I’m here to check in, reservation Kussman. Oh, we got married yesterday. Hook us up with a great room. We will be spending more time than in it than the average married couple” I said half winking. 


We had to tell everyone. You ever had news like this? Maybe when you found out you were having a baby, or when you got a promotion at work, or when you got a good report from the doctor, or bought a new house.


When something amazing happens, when we’re blessed, our natural reaction is to share it with people. 


When I was a kid I remember getting a new bike. Man, I had to floss that thing around the neighborhood like I was Vinny Chase or something. “Check out my new bike!” I’d proudly yell to anyone and everyone that would listen.


It’s an unlearned response we have, part of human nature, to share good news with people.


This morning I pondered why we feel the need to share blessings, to proudly brag and  tell everyone we love, the good things that happen to us. We get such joy from it. It enhances our mood to talk about. It makes us feel even better about it. For the most part it’s nice to hear these things from people. I like hearing that someone I care about just got a new job or overcame adversity in their life. It makes me feel good.


The first time I really met Jesus was awesome. I had heard about him for years, been extremely curious, and envied those that were in this relationship with God. After years of searching for peace from things, people, and money, it happened. I finally came into a relationship with Jesus.


Been sprung on a girl or guy before? By sprung I mean you acted completely irrational about the guy or girl you’ve been on a date with twice. You were already thinking about love and marriage and your friends and family were like “dude, chill!” but you didn’t care because those butterflies you were feeling are so real! Fast forward six months and the thrill is gone. The same person you were once beaming over, that you couldn’t stop talking about, you’re thinking about kicking them to the curb. You’ve over them.


We have this propensity to get sprung on people and things when we first experience them. People do this all the time. But after awhile you become used to it and the passion you once had fizzles out.


My family thought I was a bit crazy when I first met Jesus. There was a radical transformation taking place right before their eyes. I think they wondered if I joined a cult or something. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to tell everyone about what I had discovered. This amazing, life changing news I had to share. I turned into the crazy and annoying christian to them. 


Like being sprung on a girl too fast, I went from zero to sixty on Jesus and people took notice. He was on my heart 24/7. I wanted to, not had to, share this good news.


This was five years ago. Like everything else does, eventually the newness wore off. Sharing the Gospel became more of a have to than a want to. My heart became hardened to it. My eyes blurred for lost people, my ears were plugged to the sounds of the lost. My mind stuffed with everyday worries. Once in a while, I’d catch some momentum and put together a few months that I would consider being a good christian. But eventually, the momentum would fade away. My faith turned into just another thing that I took for granted. Just one more thing I felt like I was failing at.


Six months ago I hit bottom. By the way, hitting bottom sometimes is the best place to be. It humbles you and there is no where to go but up. Jesus came from the top to the bottom so we could go from the bottom to the top. Drake needs to add that line to the remix.


Hitting bottom was the best thing that ever happened to me. In the bottom, Jesus revealed who he really is to me. Once all of MY hopes, dreams, and efforts were shattered, God could use me for HIS purpose, which far exceeds my own.


Maybe you are wondering what the purpose of your life is. We spend so much time asking the question and not enough time listening to the answer. I’m not sure what your life purpose is. But I can share with you what mine is. This is a thirty thousand foot view of my purpose. How did I get it? From God, through the bible. Something tells me yours is similar. This is the last thing Jesus says to us before he ascends to heaven:


So when the apostles were with Jesus, they kept asking him, “Lord, has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?”

He replied, “The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”


The followers of Jesus were attempting to do what we do. Jesus is in the flesh one last time and they ask him the wrong question. They wanted this all to be over. “Has the time come?” they asked.

I love how Jesus responds. “These times are not for you to know. BUT, you will receive power, you will be my witnesses, telling (all) people about me everywhere.”

See, the disciples had half the question right. “Has the time come” Jesus answers with a no and a yes. No, I’m not answering that question because it’s not for you to know, but yes, the time has come for you to be given the power and tell people about me everywhere.

Jesus gets taken to heaven after that. Two men in white robes came down and said this:

“Why are you standing here staring into heaven?”

In other words, “You heard the man! You have a job to do. Quit wasting time waiting for Jesus to return. Go!”

It’s pretty simple. Our purpose is to tell everyone, everywhere the good news. Just like you would after you got married, had a baby, got a raise, or purchased your first home. Don’t over complicate it. Tell everyone. Tell them through your words, through your actions, through you acceptance and love. Tell everyone, everywhere.


Let’s not get caught up in staring at heaven, waiting for God to come back to restore his kingdom. We have a job to do in the mean time. Don’t let the enemy slow down your momentum or put the breaks on your God given, God inspired, holy spirit rooted passion. Share the good news to everyone, everywhere.


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